Helping survivors of narcissistic abuse heal by breaking trauma bonds, rumination and eradicating triggers through truth. 



Helping survivors of narcissistic abuse heal by breaking trauma bonds, rumination and eradicating triggers through truth.


Self Aware Diagnosed Narcissist

I never thought I would be in this place today helping people recover from the same abuse I used to participate in. Now through the tools that I have access to I am able to show people how I have grown and how they can overcome their limiting beliefs as well. 

I work with survivors daily teaching them the principles, hard truths and the practices that can move them to a place of power and certainty on a daily basis forever. The only thing required is that you put in the work into you.

Schedule a call to get closure, ask questions or to understand how we can best partner with you to be free mentally and phsyically from toxicity. 

Escape Toxicity

7 Day Challenge To Healing

Do you feel lost and confused? Are you struggling to know where to start in your healing today? 

Start your healing process inside Escape Toxicity: The 7 Day Challenge to Healing to learn about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Reactive Abuse, Boundaries and how to Heal from a Trauma Bond. 

Click below to watch a short video and jump start your healing journey. 

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Community


You're not alone. Millions of people go through the same thing. That's why we've created the NARCapp to help you connect with community all over the globe. It is helpful o fins support and know that you are not alone. Sign up for access to the community, weekly coaching calls and connection to other survivors. 

Clarity Challenge

45 Day Challenge

Struggling in a trauma bond? Not sure how to let go of the intrusive thoughts and rumination? The 45 day Clarity Challenge is designed to systematically walk you through the process of understanding and getting freedom in your mind and heart. 
Step into taking back your power, establishing boundaries and stepping into clarity with your vision and direction moving forward today.

Thriver Community

Thriver 90 Day & Year Program

Join a community with elite tools of growth and development as you hunt down the version of you that is strong, confident and certainty about your direction and purpose. See how we unlock your full potential by leveraging tools to give you insight and growth in your fitness, spirituality, connections and business. 

What others are saying about us

"FINALLY free from the hold that my toxic husband had on me"

Ben has taught me how to challenge the story I’m telling myself and rewrite it with the truth. I was so conditioned by the narc that I believed EVERYTHING the narc told me, to the point I was gaslighting myself! That will never happen again!

- Survivor

" I’ve moved forward with a new sense of confidence and peace in my life!"

When I first met Ben, I felt lost and wanted to tell my story who could relate. In our first session, I wanted to get out all the things that happened to me, and to know I was not alone in my experience. I got so much more than that. Ben truly makes you do the work, participate, dive into your feelings. It blew me away. In this journey you will not only have a better understanding of what you experienced, but also what part you play in your healing. I can truly say it brought me to a place where I can identify my own feelings, uncover what stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from seeking the truth and set you on a healing journey

- Sarah

"It wasn’t until I was out of the marriage that I began to understand what Narcissistic abuse was"

I began sessions with Ben, and he was the first person that was able to help me see that I could change my thought pattern, I could learn how to handle triggers in a healthy way, and he gave me hope that my future could be bright after being abused for so long.

- Danielle

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Feel free to contact me with any questions or reach out if you are unsure what path to take. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with me please click the One on One's tab for scheduling options.

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